Movement & Play With YoYo & YaYa

How And Why YoYo & YaYa Where Born

YoYo & YaYa existence is one that grew from years of viewing childrens' needs, behavioral patterns and amazing transformations that came about through movement in Dafna Avidan's Movement & Play lessons.





As parents we intuitively begin to teach our babies how to express themselves through use of their bodies, but tend to stop and focus on speech & text alone, especially in times in which children tend to spend such a great deal of time facing the TV, computer or smartphone. We tend to put aside the use of our bodies, self expression and imagination.

The interactive activities in the 'Movement & Play with YoYo & YaYa' game set offer not only enjoyable and enriching fun activity, they also develop essential motoric abilities, as well as cognitive, emotional, social and problem solving skills. The play set offers different levels of complexity and focus on coordination,balance,imagnication&memory,motoric and cognitive development. All this is done through movement and game! 




Dafna Avidan, "mother" of YoYo & Yaya, is an education specialist & dancer that blends her two favorite sectors into one magical field.Dafna has been teaching children ranging from the age of 2-8 for a decade and through her work and knowledge, witnessed the cognitive, social, behavioral and problem-solving wonders that the world of movement has on her many students. Through integration of various activities that she created over the years, Dafna witnessed how both shy & talkative students found a way of expressing themselves and tackling their fears through games that integrate movement and use of their bodies.,  972-54-4403435